Corporate Responsibility

At the heart of INSTAPLAST approach is our commitment to the principles of responsible care. These are central to the way we conduct business and are put into practice everyday. We strive to create value for customers and society using our Visionary Business Philosophy and Business Key Values.

INSTAPLAST is committed to:

οProtecting the environment and the health and safety of our employees, customers as well as neighbours

οSeeking innovative technologies and cost-effective ways to further improve our manufacturing processes

οImplementing strategies to increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions of solid waste and air and water pollutants

οOffering competitive products and technologies that meet the needs of our customers and use resources efficiently

οDeveloping innovative products with environmental benefits, such as products that are long-lasting, have recycled or renewable content, can be recycled, or otherwise enhance the environmental performance of end-use products

οMaintaining a work environment where individuals are treated with dignity, respect, honesty, and sensitivity, where the value of diversity is appreciated and where there is no unlawful discrimination or harassment

οFollowing lawful labor practices, including adhering to all applicable wage and hour regulations, not employing underage individuals as defined by applicable labor laws, and never utilizing forced or involuntary prison labor

οAdvancing in sustainable development