Packaging Technologies

Driven by efficiency and the principles of saving the natural resources required, we focus on continually improving our production processes by using most advanced techniques. Our lighter packaging solutions are helping to reduce the weight and cost of packaging thereby making our customers economical − environmentally and socially more responsible.

Injection Molding Technology − Injection molding technology is the competence of INSTAPLAST. The manufacturing process offers extensive possibilities for packaging development in order to satisfy our customers most cutting edge technical and marketing requirements. IPL uses world renowned technology to manufacture PET preforms and plastic closures that offer superior dimensional stability for any type of containers.

Using our high skills and expertise with injection molding technology, we can address both the food and non food markets with wide range of standard and tailor-made containers, cups and lids specific to application and customer needs.

Thermoforming Technology − Thermoforming is the most cost−effective technology and most perfect for long production series with disposable rigid packaging. INSTAPLAST has specialized expertise in forming consumer goods packaging from PS, PP, PET, biopolymers and multilayer structures like PP/EVOH/PP and PS/EVOH/PE. Thin-sheet thermoforming is primarily for the manufacture of cups, containers, lids, trays, blisters, clamshells and other products used in the food, medical, and general retail industries. IPL can offer wide range of standard and customized packaging in different shapes with high quality to assure smooth working on customers filling lines.

Flexible Packaging − the Future − No longer can you walk down a super market isle and not see flexible packaging pouches. Flexible packaging has been shaking up the packaging industry for many years now, especially in the food packaging market, where flexible materials are introducing a wide range of new design concepts to minimize waste, attract consumer attraction and maintain the freshness of product within.

INSTAPLAST fully recognizes this futuristic importance of flexible packaging and has dedicated team of professionals working closely to make entry in this segment with significant impact and keeping our customer centralized ″Visionary Business Philosophy″ in view.