Dinking Cups & Lids

The vast experience of INSTAPLAST team in using diversified processes and materials for customized packaging solutions means we can offer a wide range of products for the consumer goods and foodservice sector.

Thermoforming will be the latest addition to our process lines − this cost effective technology is perfect for long production series with disposable rigid packaging. With the successful commissioning and production of first line, IPL will specialize in forming consumer goods’ packaging from PS, PP, PET, biopolymers and multilayer structures like PP/EVOH/PP and PS/EVOH/PE.

Thin-sheet thermoforming is primarily for the manufacture of cups, containers, lids, trays, blisters, clamshells and other products used in the food, medical, and general retail industries. INSTAPLAST plans to offer a wide range of standard and customized packaging in different shapes with high quality to assure smooth working on customers’ filling lines. Other target markets for this segment include quick service restaurants and beverage vendors.

Hygienic, Practical and Reasonably Priced Solutions . . .

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